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3 Ways to make Money by Blogging

Blogging in recent years had not only been used for expressing of our own thoughts and experiences, it has also become a tool for people to make money online.So many people had tried to do that but most of them didn't manage to succeed and this causes them to believe that is was just a lie that you can make money online. What usually people do to make money through blogging is that they just plug in some adsense ads and believe that they can make a lot of money through that.The answer is that you need more ways than that to make a consistent income through blogging. I am going to share with you 3 ways that you can make money through blogging below:

1) Promote Affiliate Products; On Your Blogs Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest business models anyone can follow to make money online. Affiliate Marketing simply means promoting other merchant products in exchange of a commission. Therefore what you can do on your blog is that find affiliate program that is related to your blog and starting promoting them.You can easily find affiliate program from affiliate network like (Digital products) or (Physical Products). Sign up with them for free and then chose product that is related to your niche and start promoting them.

2) Sell Advertising Space; This is one of the most profitable ways most bloggers are making money online. Anyone can start selling advertising space on their blog immediately but the amount you going to charge will depend on the amount of traffic that you can drive to your site. The more traffic you can drive, the more you can charge for your advertising space. To manage your ad space, you can use an advertisement management tool like OpenAds. One piece of advice is that you do not want to overcrowd your blog with advertisement ads as this might make your reader stop reading your blog.

3) Adsense Monetization; Most of the blogger who use adsense on their blog had does it wrongly. What usually they do is to put adsense ads on their blog and expect to earn a stable income through adsense. What you need to do if you want to build lot of income through ad sense on your bog is that you must have multiple blog out there.It is the number games. The more blog you have out there, the more money you can earn through adsense. The strategy here is build a lot of set and forget blog out there and slowly these little income from each blog will build up to a substantiate income.

Conclusion. So thats it, I have handed to you 3 ways you can make money through blogging immediately. What you need to do now is to create your own niche blog and implement the 3 method above and you shall see some profit coming in to your pocket.

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