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Before You Zoom off Read This.

This is an excerpt from one of my old blogs. But do well to read through. You might need it along the way. Enjoy.
10 Steps to Creating Goals:
DO Be sure that the goal you are setting is getting you the results you really want - walk it all theway through
DON'T Create a goal to get what you think you could or should have or a goal which comes up short of the end results you want
DO Focus on what you could be doing
DON'T Focus on what you should NOT be doing
DO Align with your strengths and resources and tendencies
DON'T Align with your limitations and what you are lacking or missing or try to overcome yourself
DO Use exciting, inspirational words
DON'T Use bland, boring words
DO Make it specific.
DON'T Make it vague.
DO Make it quantifiable, measurable
DON'T Determine by qualities, emotions, feelings.
DO Create benchmarks; break it down into smaller elements.
DON'T Create an overwhelming, impossible goal, so large you are immediately paralyzed by it.
DO Give yourself the resources to accomplish the goal.
DON'T Deny yourself the resources to accomplish the goal.
DO Ask for support and assistance in achieving your goal.
DON'T Try to achieve your goal in a vacuum, without support.
DO At least one action on a daily basis, no matter how small, towards achieving your goal.
DON'T Wait for a large chunk of time to implement an action towards achieving your goal, or be inconsistent in your actions.
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So let the Journey Begin. Right?


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